People who conceal their sins will not prosper, but if they confess and turn from them, they will receive mercy.
Proverbs 28:13

What happens to someone who cannot forgive? What happens to someone who has been wronged and I know a lot of us have… But, honestly, what will happen if “we” cannot forgive? Well, let me share something with you about an audio drama of the story “Affabel” a few days ago and let me tell you, the story struck me to the core of my soul. Long story short, there was one character in particular I want to discuss here. Her name was “Faintheart.” Yes, I know about the name, but listen to her story…

Faintheart was a lot like you or I. She has a lot of high hopes and dreams and sadly, she was wronged by two people and one who she had trusted and looked up too. I know, when we are hurt by someone we held close to our hearts, the hurt runs deep and it’s hard to heal and sadly, this is exactly what happened to Faintheart. In the book, when King Jaylan who represented the Holy Father in real life called all the Endelights (the city in the book in which Faintheart lived) to Affabel to give an account for their stewardship in Endel. Well, King Jaylan judged Faintheart and sadly, because of her unforgiving heart, she was sentenced to live in Lown for eternity. Lone in the book represented hell in real life. Let me tell you a little about who Faintheart was. Her character wasn’t a bad person, she wasn’t someone who worshipped false god’s. Someone who was a thief or even a murderer. She was a good person who did talk about King Jaylan (God). She did follow the rules of the King Jaylan (God) and she did do almost everything right except, forgive.

It is written that we will be forgiven as much as we forgive others. If we cannot forgive, the Lord will not forgive and all our deeds would be in vain. Regardless if you did everything right, followed all the rules and obeyed all the Lord’s commandments and yet you still cannot forgive… When we don’t forgive other’s for their actions, we our literally going to Jesus. Looking Him in the eyes and telling Him that what He did for us is not enough. What He went through is not enough for us to forgive is without words, but sadly this is what we do when we do not forgive. Yes. Remember, forgiveness was given to all mankind. Grace was granted to everyone and when we harbor an unforgiving heart, we go against the purpose of Jesus and why He came.

Remember, when we cannot forgive, it opens the doors to hate, greed, and a hardened heart. And harboring hate does nothing to the one we hate except destroy ourselves from the inside out. And a hardened unforgiving heart if left unchecked will provide us a one way ticket to, and let me quote, “The outer darkness where there will be Gnawing and Gnashing of teeth.”

In closing my brothers and sisters, a caring heart is the key to a loving heart but, a hardened heart opens the door to great sorrow. A forgiven Christian is a forgiving Christian, remember that…

Brother Jonathan 

Do you have something on your mind and need a prayer? Then, please write me now and tell me about it. I am here for you!


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