“Afterward he appeared in a different form to two of his followers who were walking from Jerusalem into the country.”
Mark 16:12

Sometimes in our minds we feel as though God has fallen short, that He hasn’t done what He said He would do. But we have that we are the ones who have fallen. Maybe something has happened in our lives that have left us feeling disappointed with God.

That is how two disciples felt after the crucifixion. They had lost hope. When Jesus appeared to them, they were walking away From Jerusalem into the country (see Mark 16:12). In their minds, Jesus had let them down. They had misunderstood His mission. They thought He would be a militant Messiah, not a suffering Savior. But if they had read the Scriptures carefully, they would have come across a vivid description of the physical sufferings of Christ in Isaiah. They would have read the words of Psalm 22, which pointed out that His hands and feet would be pierced, and that He would cry out from the cross, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” But they missed that.

Jesus was doing exactly what He had come to do, and they had misunderstood. And when it seems like God has failed us, it is because we have misunderstood the meaning and purpose of the event. That was the problem with these discouraged disciples, and so they were leaving Jerusalem. They wanted to get that image of Jesus on the cross out of their minds. They wanted to put as much distance from them and the cross as humanly possible.

Many times when we are discouraged, we think, I don’t want to be around Christians. I don’t want to read the Bible. I don’t want to pray. But that is a big mistake. That is when we ought to be running to God, not away from Him. We ought to be spending time with His people and in His Word, not avoiding them. Sometimes I feel so sad, so forsaken, so lost that no hope can be found.  Yet, I somehow manage to find my footing and open my eyes to my heart again. 

The Lord forgives me for all the wrongs I’ve done, all the evil actions in my life were and are forgiven and washed away with His blood.  He died for me; He did for us all on the cross.  The Lord works so many miracles in my life so many times, I can never repay him for all the blessings I have.  All I can offer the Lord is my devotion, my life, my first-born, my everything because the Lord Jesus is my everything.  Remember, when you fall, you fall hard and it hurts but, there is hope for the hopeless, rest for the weary, remember to Cry out to Jesus.

God must stretch you in order to fill you. The stretching hurts, yes! But think of it this way; How can you pour a galon of milk into a tea cup? May our Lord continue to bless and comfort you all today and I hope you have peace in happiness.

Brother Jonathan


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