Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart.
– Colossians 4:1

Most if not all the Saints from the Bible had a close relationship with God, through their prayer’s. In both, good times and bad times, they prayed to the Lord that He would guide them on their path’s. They would thank Him for everything that they were blessed to receive and go through… Regardless if it was good or bad. They knew, they were special enough in God’s eye to receive whatever the Lord gave.

I personally have a very close relationship towards prayer. I have gone through so much that, this is the one thing I can do and count on regardless of what happens to me. In my trails. Throughout my tribulations, I can count on my prayer and my relationship with God to help me through the thick of it.

As we read this beautiful passage in Colossians 4:1 , “Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart;” what comes to your mind when we read this?

You know, devoting your time, and I mean all of it to our God and being happy to do so is the key towards success. Success in what… is what you have to ask yourself. What drives you? Who drives you? I know my answer is… God. God alone should be in control of your lives. I am not saying I am perfect; Oh no. Funny to even write that. What I am trying to say is God should guide your every move towards the greater good of whatever it is that the Lord has in mind for you.

Let God lead you. Lead God rule you. Let God be in control. Give yourself to our Lord.

Have you been saved? Well… Now is the time to do so. Raise your hands and open your hearts to the Lord and ask Him to come into your lives and trust me, you will be happy. 

Brother Jonathan

Has Brother Jonathan’s Devotion’s touched your life? Do you have something on your mind and need a prayer? Then, please write me now and tell me about it. I am here for you!

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